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The Miriam Makeba Foundation is solemnly founded and conceived by the late Dr. Miriam Makeba in 1980. This was during her years of exile; at the time she was residing in Conakry, Guinea, West Africa. Longing for her people and homeland, she was surrounded and accustomed many young people from all over the world, particularly young aspiring African students from various corners of the continent, including South Africa, southern Africa, the Continent at large and the Diaspora.

They would all gather at her welcoming homes in Guinea, in the suburbs of Camayenne and Yimbaya, which were nicknamed "The South African Embassy"; whereby, all gathered to reminisce on their homelands.

During this time, they would all sing songs of hope, struggle, liberation and of unity for all Nations in different African languages, culture and unbeknown to them at the time, creating cultural exchange, as well as rejoicing in the independence of Zimbabwe in 1980.

During this time of joy and pain, “Mama Africa” would cook with passion for the love of her people various African dishes such as: Pondu, Atcheke, Fufu, Jelouf rice, Yams, Plantin, Goucha, Maafe, Okra, Fish & Chips, Kala greens and Palm butter sauce to name a few; while, attempting to cook several dishes from other parts of the world; within the process, creating her own recipes.

This was the most inspirational time for her that prompted her to start thinking of providing a homely atmosphere for these young aspiring individuals, which will give them an opportunity for their wings to develop and grow. At the same time she was inspired by her home in Dalaba (300 km from Conakry), that she envisaged an illustration of the Miriam Makeba Dalaba Village, which will consist of a museum, library, music, arts and literature academy, amphitheater, recording studios, African clothing line, African restaurant, Mama Africa dialogues and lodges.


The Miriam Makeba Foundation (REGISTERED NO. 2009/001847/08, PBO No. 930 038 687, INCOME TAX No. 9103610177, NPO section 21). Originally founded by the late Her Excellency Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Miriam Makeba in 1980; represented by its Board of Directors Mr. Nelson Lumumba Lee, Grandson and Executor of Estate Late Zenzile Miriam Makeba, Ms Zenzi Makeba Lee, Granddaughter, Mr. Hugh Masekela and Mr. Patrice Jacques Blanchard.

Main Objective: Cultural and Social To the Miriam Makeba Foundation -

Purpose Describing Main Business

The main business the company is to carry on:

  • Community Work
  • Fundraising
  • Realization of various projects activities: musical, social, cultural, cinematographically, film, educational, philosophical, political, economical, commercial and scientific; with National and International institutions, organizations, associations, Governmental, companies - Public and Private sectors; relative to the overall Legacy of the late Her Excellency , Goodwill Ambassador, Dr. Miriam Makeba.

“ An Icon and National Symbol, symbolizing the flame of Unity in Cultural Diversity of the Republic of South Africa, the Continent of Africa and the Word over. “

Main Object

To ensure that the cultural and social visions, aspirations and projects conceived by Dr. Miriam Makeba for the development of the people of South Africa, Africa and the World over are realized, nurtured, supported, promoted, safeguarded and preserved for generations to come.

The Miriam Makeba Foundation in respects of its objectives and in trio-collaboration, partnership with the Makeba Centre For Girls Trust now known as Dr. Miriam Makeba – Mama Africa Cultural & Social Trust Ref: IT 2443/99 and the Makeba Centre For Girls in Midrand, Gauteng Province, Johannesburg, prepare and realize different projects:


In course of preparation and realization 2012-2020 e.g.

  • The Makeba Centre For Girls to be developed in the 9 Provinces of Republic Of South Africa
  • The Miriam Makeba Cultural Precinct “Dalaba” Makeba Village-Miriam Makeba Estate (RSA)
  • The Miriam Makeba Museum in Dalaba, Guinea, West Africa
  • The Miriam Makeba Women’s Arts & Crafts Skills Exchange
  • Miriam Makeba Brand Clothing Line 2012-2020
  • Annual Dr. Miriam Makeba Day on 9 November
  • Commemoration to Dr. Miriam Makeba on 9 November 2014 coinciding with her historical United Nations General Assembly speech held March 9, 1964; marking 50 years.
  • The Miriam Makeba International Music Festival (Held Annually)
  • The Dr. Miriam Makeba Concert Hall Annual Workshops at UNISA
  • The Miriam Makeba Youth Philharmonic Orchestra
  • National Women’s Day on 9 August 2012
  • The Miriam Makeba Heritage Exposition on “Heritage Day” with National Heritage Council, South Africa.
  • The Miriam Makeba Cultural Exposition on 16 December.
  • The Tribute of 50th Anniversary of Miriam Makeba’s historic speech on 16 July 1963 that was held on November 16, 17 and 18 2013 in Rio, Brazil
  • Dr. Miriam Makeba Memorial Monument
  • Reciprocal Seasons “French Season in South Africa” 2012 “TRIBUTE CONCERT TO MIRIAM MAKEBA” and “South African Season in France” 2013 In Honor and Dedication to the Late Her Excellency Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Miriam Makeba “MAMA AFRICA”
  • The annual Commemorative events tour National (10 Events) and International (250 Events in 78 Countries), scheduled for 2012-2020 of the late Her Excellency Goodwill Ambassador Dr. Miriam Makeba the Legendary Guest Divas DOROTHY MASUKU – ABIGAIL KUBEKA – MARAH LOUW with ZENZI MAKEBA LEE & MIRIAM MAKEBA BAND.
  • Ecole Myriam Makeba – Miriam Makeba School in Guinea, West Africa
  • Avenue Myriam Makeba (road naming) in the town of Dalaba, Guinea, West Africa
  • Jardin Myriam Makeba – Miriam Makeba Botanical Garden Guinea, West Africa
  • Miriam Makeba Maternity Clinic, Guinea, West Africa
  • 63 Projects in course of preparation and realization


“The Department of Arts and Culture is entrusted with the custodianship of arts, culture and heritage in South Africa. To this end this project pays homage to one of the South African icons of the struggles towards democracy who dedicated her life to the upliftment and development of the oppressed. The concert also pays tribute and acknowledges the role that the songstress, composer, ambassador, humanitarian, activist, patriot and Grammy Award winner played in bringing global awareness to what was happening in South Africa during apartheid years. After returning to South Africa, the late Ms Makeba continued her goodwill with the quest to develop women in the communities. She established the Miriam Makeba Foundation, Makeba Centre For the Girls and Makeba Village. The organizations are following her Legacy. The rehabilitation centre assists traumatized young women; and, cultural museum, library and studio respectively. Her work with these organizations symbolized her commitment to sisterhood, women development and women emancipation. We invite one and all to continue to support and pay tribute to one of our greatest legends in South African history. “ Her Excellency, the Minister Ms Lulu Xingwana requests the pleasure of the company of all respectively to commemorate the great work of beloved “Mama Africa” Dr. Miriam Zenzile Makeba the commemorative Events for the tribute Concert in Union Buildings Pretoria November 7, 2009 & Gala Dinner, the Opera, State Theatre, Pretoria on the November 9, 2009.

Realizations by the Miriam Makeba Foundation either by collaboration, association, participation and/or independently realised.

Dr. Miriam Makeba Concert Hall, Dr. Miriam Makeba Commemorative Concert, Exposition of Archival pictures, awards, certificates of Dr. Miriam Makeba UNISA, Tshwane

African Union Conference (AUC) – Tribute Performance to Dr. Miriam Makeba, Addis Ababa with Former National Department of Home Affairs / Miriam Makeba Foundation / Makeba Band – January, 2009

Painting Exposition in Cape Town for the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Opening of Parliament, 14/02/2009 by Blanchard Jacques Patrice (The Miriam Makeba Foundation)

Inauguration of the Dr. Miriam Makeba Concert Hall, UNISA, Pretoria March 06, 2009

Dr. Miriam Makeba Commemorative Concert, the Legendary Guest Divas DOROTHY MASUKU – ABIGAIL KUBEKA – MARA LOUW with ZENZI MAKEBA LEE & MAKEBA BAND. Exposition of Archival pictures, awards, certificates of Dr. Miriam Makeba UNISA, Tshwane 2010

Tribute Concert Miriam Makeba - the Legendary Guest Divas DOROTHY MASUKU – ABIGAIL KUBEKA with ZENZI MAKEBA LEE & BAND. Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown, JHB (Morris Roda Productions, DAC, NHC, NLDTF, Miriam Makeba Foundation & Makeba Centre For Girls) - May 22, 2010

Africa International Festival Wurzburg, Germany, May 2010 Concert Performance by Makeba Band, (Miriam Makeba Foundation)

MIDEM, Cannes, France DAC 2010

  • MASEO International Music Festival – Tribute to Dr. Miriam Makeba by Zenzi Makeba Lee & Miriam Makeba Band, Doula, Cameroon 2010 (Miriam Makeba Foundation)

Human Rights Day (French Institute) A capella performance in commemoration to Dr. Miriam Makeba by Zenzi Makeba Lee and screening of film “Mama Africa” Maseru, Lesotho 2011 ( Miriam Makeba Foundation)

Concert Dr. Miriam Makeba the Legendary Guest Divas DOROTHY MASUKU – ABIGAIL KUBEKA – MARA LOUW with ZENZI MAKEBA LEE & MAKEBA BAND. ANC VETERANS Honoring concert ( The Presidency – DAC – Morris Roda Productions – Miriam Makeba Foundation)

  • MAMA AFRICA » Film / Documentary 2010 ( Starhaus FilmProducktion, Germany Millennium Films, RSA / The Miriam Makeba Foundation

“MAMA AFRICA” World Film Premiere at Berlin dale Film Festival, Berlin, 2010 (The Miriam Makeba Foundation)

Nina Simone And Miriam Makeba Tribute New York, NYC 2011 ( The Miriam Makeba Foundation)